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Food Safety Training

It doesn’t matter if the business serving food is a restaurant, cafeteria, company picnic, or any activity involving food; food safety training is vital. According to the Center for Disease Control, foodborne illnesses are responsible for 325,000 hospitalizations each year and as many as 5,000 deaths across the US. Because of the health risks associated with food preparation, the USDA and the FDA have strict guidelines that every facility in the food service industry (or company that supplies food) must comply with. By implementing our food safety training, you can cut down on illnesses, and even save lives.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows how to comply with safety regulations around food. Why do we need your food safety training programs?

Whether you’re talking about a restaurant, grocery store, food shipping, food storage, cooking, or handling procedures, everyone involved in these processes is responsible for the health of the general population. The FDA and USDA have a number of strict guidelines and regulations in place to keep people safe and healthy around food. Not only do you need to protect people from getting sick, but you need to protect your business from citations by these organizations. Our training helps you accomplish both through an easy-to-understand format.