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Eye Safety Training

Eye injuries can serve as a reminder to wear proper eye protection on the job. In the worst cases, they can cause missed days at work, hospitalization, and permanent blindness for your employees. The CDC estimates that there are about 2000 work-related eye injuries each day. Their research has found that most of these injuries could have been avoided with workplace eye safety training and properly used eye protection equipment. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of carelessness to cause permanent eye damage. Don’t take those chances with your employees and make sure your eye safety training is always current.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my people know how to navigate eye safety training. Why do I need your eye safety awareness courses?

Remember, there are 2000 opportunities each day for one of your employees to be counted among those who suffer from eye injuries at work. Not only do you want to mitigate this risk for your employees, but OSHA has mandated strict regulations around workplace eye protection for the very reason these injuries are so common. Eye injury incidents (such as chemical splashes, foreign objects in the eye, etc.) can easily be prevented when all employees understand eye safety protocols. Additionally, our training offers posters, booklets, and guides that can remain in hazard areas to serve as constant reminders to protect eyesight.