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Chemicals Safety Training

The handling, storage, and use of hazardous substances will always come with some risks. By doing their jobs, your employees should know the hazards they are facing each day, but they should also have training on the extent of these hazards and how to protect themselves from injury or illness. Our chemicals safety training helps your employees navigate hazards associated with their jobs, understand chemical properties, and implement safe practices in their work environment.

Chemicals Safety Training (65)

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows how to handle chemicals safely. Why do we need your chemicals safety training programs?

When it comes to workplace injuries, 90% are caused by human error. Working with hazardous chemicals leaves little room for error, since so many chemicals can have long-term consequences on the health of your employees. Our training helps make your employees experts in areas such as proper handling and storage procedures, personal protective equipment usage, emergency response protocols, and chemical spill management. Additionally, these programs help you remain in compliance with OSHA safety regulations and industry standards. All in all, providing our training for your employees helps make your workplace safer and more productive.