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Automotive Safety Training

Getting anywhere on wheels will always come with some risk, even if your employees are seasoned drivers accustomed to all types of driving. Automotive safety training helps ensure that everyone who comes in contact with any type of automobile on the job always practices automotive safety guidelines and defensive driving tactics. When it comes to people’s safety on the job, you can’t afford to take losses around automotive safety that are easily preventable with this brief, but thorough training.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows all things automotive safety. How does your course help an already knowledgeable staff?

You wouldn’t drive without buckling your seatbelt, so don’t clear employees for automotive safety without a comprehensive checklist of training procedures. Although a lot of drivers have safety down to second nature, it doesn’t mean there aren’t gaps in their knowledge. Did you know that half of all serious or fatal car accidents happen within 25 miles of the victim’s home? This tells us that getting too comfortable around automotive safety can leave too much room for error. Mitigate the risk of automotive hazards by keeping your team’s training up to date with our courses.