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Active Shooter Protocol Training

Facing an active shooter in the workplace is something no one wants to think about. In the unlikely event that a shooter breaches the premises though, it’s best for everyone’s safety to know exactly what should be done to mitigate the risk of injury or death. Taking the time to review active shooter protocol training once or twice a year will save lives. Atlantic Training’s active shooter training programs can help you ensure everyone will return home to their loved ones in the unlikely event of a live shooter.

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Hey Atlantic Training, I’m not sure how to go about training my team on active shooter preparedness. How do your courses help me navigate this sensitive topic?

We’re glad you asked. When your team is trained on proper lockdown preparedness and survival techniques, it increases their chances of survival in the event of a workplace shooting. Our training courses provide step-by-step explanations of the same techniques used by law enforcement agencies. When your employees understand the plan in case of an emergency, they have greater trust in you as an employer, as well as better peace of mind. By implementing training like this, it results in a safer workplace, both physically and mentally.