Workplace Violence Training Powerpoint

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Workplace Violence Training DVD Preview

Workplace Violence Safety Training Video

Workplace Violence Training Powerpoint Created by: The Relational Culture Institute

Topics Covered:

  • Defining Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Violence Category
  • External Risk Factors
  • Internal Risk Factors
  • Strategy for Prevention
  • Hostility: Warning Signs and Responses
  • Confusion: Warning Signs and Responses
  • Frustration: Warning Signs and Responses
  • Blame: Warning Signs and Responses
  • Anger: Warning Signs and Responses

Date Created: 2010 Number of Slides: 36 OSHA Regulations: n/a Created by: The Relational Culture Institute

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack

  • Training DVD
  • Wallet Cards
  • Log
  • Employee Quiz
  • Leaders Guide
  • Training Certificate
Workplace Violence Safety Training Video

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Workplace Violence Prevention Employee Training by Kentucky Personnel Cabinet

Date Created: 2010 Number of Slides: 35 OSHA Regulations: n/a Created by: Kentucky Personnel Cabinet

Date Created: 2001 Number of Slides: 23 OSHA Regulations: n/a Created by: US Department of Commerce

Workplace Violence: The Statistic PPT

on the Statistics of Workplace Violence is provided by OSHA Info by Georgia Tech. The number are increasing, the percentages are alarming, and the effects are disturbing. In recent studies, Fortune 1000 companies tells workplace violence as their top 1 security threat. Statistics also show same results. In addition to this, company managements are concerned on big amounts for a homicide incident. Workplace violence seem to be a growing threat, and employers must step up to resolve these issues.

Workplace Violence in the Construction Industry PPT

on Workplace Violence in Construction Sites is provided by the University of Southern Mississippi. Violence may include physical and verbal assault, sexual harassment and homicide, or any other violent act or behavior that is situated in the workplace. A 15% statistic on violent crime comes from workplace violence and this is one of the leading cause of job-related deaths. In the construction industry, a majority of male workers dominate the population, and most cases of having women in the workplace result in violence.

Workplace Violence:Bullying PPT

on Workplace Bullying is provided by the Interagency ADR Working Group. This training is to identify issues which involves bullying, and present certain cases. This is also to inform each individual the process of dealing with bullying, how to react and how to escalate it to supervisors for resolution of the problem. Other topics include: EEO Law, Retaliation and Harassment, Examples of Bullying, Effects of Bullying, Levels of Bullying, and Ways to Prevent Bullying.