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Workplace Safety Infographic: Workplace Safety -

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Safety in the workplace is a direct result of employer communication with employees. In addition, it is the employers responsibility to ensure workers are respecting the guidelines and preventive measures communicated to them to keep themselves and their coworkers safe and out of danger while performing their duties.

Workplace fatalities and accidents are most likely to occur in the following industries; construction, transportation, manufacturing and warehouses where inventory is stored and distributed. Just those four account for over half of all deaths and injuries in the workplace. Warehouse safety is important and when both warehouse training along with forklift training are communicated potential hazards which cause death and injuries can be averted.

The workplace safety infographic points out the following regarding safety in the workplace:

• Because of accidents that cause injuries, absenteeism and lost work days add up.
• A third of workers think of their job as a risk to their health and well-being.
• In contrast, eighty-seven percent of workers ignored proper safety equipment and chose not to use it as a preventive measure to ensure safety while on the job. Hand injuries occur over twenty-five percent of the time and either the wrong hand protection is used or seven out of ten times no gloves are worn.
• Over three percent of workers experienced an accident while on the job which caused an injury.

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The information tells us that workers either ignore safety procedures due to a number of reasons like carelessness, general disregard, because they are distracted or lack awareness. When employers use education, the importance for safety is reiterated to everyone so lives can be saved and injuries due to accidents lessened.


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Source: D360

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