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February 3, 2022

Top 6 Reasons to Love Online Safety Training

Today, many thanks to technological advances, many employers and educational institutions are making the shift to online safety training. While some employers have already embraced online safety training, many organizations are still having reservations about making the switch. Some companies offer a hybrid option, which does open up a ton of opportunities.

If you are one of those individuals or organizations who are apprehensive about embracing this way of educating employees, here are 6 reasons to love online safety training that are sure to convince you to give it a try.

1. Saves You Money: One of the biggest ways that online safety training helps you cut safety training costs is by reducing the need to hold all of your safety training in the instructor-led, classroom. Instructors not only charge you for the training itself, but other costs to consider are line items such as travel time, meals, venue rental, employees time away from work, and so on.

2.Saves You Time: According to a Brandon Hall Group HCM Outlook 2017 Survey, studies indicate that eLearning has the potential to reduce overall training time by 40% to 60%. This helps organizations cut down on various expenses, as mentioned in #1, and also increase productivity, which in turn leads to greater profitability for the company.

3.Help Boost Revenue: 40% of organizations say online training has helped them increase revenue levels. In addition, companies that offer this method of learning have generated more than 25% higher revenue per employee. 

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4. Enables Social Distancing: Unfortunately with the pandemic, business have needed to adjusted the way they train their employees. This method of training gives employers and employees peace-of-mind, as they can learn what is required, without potentially putting individuals in danger.

5. Gives Workers Flexibility to Train at Their Own Pace: As previously mentioned, if you do hire an instructor to come and teach on-site, that provides a very narrow window of employees to absorb and retain vital safety training information. It provides employees the flexibility to learn when they can. In 2019, self-paced learning and instructor-led virtual training were some of the top training methods used (Mimeo, 2019). 

6. Instant Gratification: When you sign up for online video safety training, you don’t have to wait for an instructor to show up and teach your employees. They get instant access to information as soon as they needed. Courses are structured and if you also pick the right online safety training company (hint, hint) your employees will remain engaged, due to our videos are accompanied with additional presentations and quizzes. 

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