Workplace Safety Infographic: How Visual Aids Can Improve Workplace Safety

It’s no secret that some people learn differently than others. This can include visual aids, a lecturer, or hard material to read off from to absorb the information. In regards to workplace safety, it become important that we take into account the different ways in which employees retain the information communicated by the company.

Being that some people learn better via visual aids, and some people learn better using other methods, a tailored safety communication plan becomes very effective. This infographic breaks down the benefits to having visual aids and representations to communicate safety initiatives. Taking into account this facet of human communication can greatly impact the degree in which information is retained by employees. The infographic first introduces how prevalent workplace injuries are in different work settings, and then goes in to talk about workplace injuries and illnesses as a whole. After which, it breaks down the ABC’s of workplace safety, and how you can use them to effectively communicate your safety plan.

How Visual Aids Can Improve Workplace Safety -


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Source: Cerasis