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Pet safety

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The devastating dangers of fire to pet safety can be averted by being prepared, having knowledge of the truth about fire and creating a protection plan for pets.

Pet owners who have preparedness emergency plans in place will have peace of mind knowing their pet and home are better protected agains loss from fire. People can make use of fire safety videos to relieve some of the dangers their pets may face. Putting together a pet emergency kit is essential and should include items like, food, medications, phone numbers and vet’s addresses, pet medical history, blanket, photo ID of the pet, antiseptics, gloves and soap.

The infographic lists important informative fire safety tips and ways to be prepare and keep pets safe in case of a fire emergency.

• The loss of pets from house fires is 40,000 annually and 1,000 of these fires are sparked by the pets.
• Removing possible fire starters and dangers is essential in prevention. Being mindful of appliances and candles as well as proofing homes against electrical dangers is good preventive practice.
• Having a plan of action and an emergency kit in place can be an answer to having effective safety measures in place for pets.

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Thinking ahead and arranging supplies and an alternate living space in the event of a fire emergency is a pro-active way to give peace of mind and assure the health and safety of pets if fire does occur. Practicing or rehearsing a fire escape plan with your pet might seem silly, but it can prove to be lifesaving. Knowing your pet and their habits can also help you if you have to rescue them.


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One Response to Pet Safety Infographic: Pet Fire Safety

  1. Pet safety is equally important as our pets are like the family members, so we should keep some of the safety measures to prevent any kind of mishaps.