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September 6, 2012

Occupational Safety Infographic: Fatal Work Related Injuries

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There exist health and safety systems across Europe and the United Kingdom has lower fatalities than other European countries. There are many dangers within the workplace and accidents happen. Fatal accidents are an occupational hazard which hopefully can one day be non-existent. OF course some occupations have greater hazards and higher fatality numbers from workplace accidents.

Many organizations offer safety training in order to keep at work fatalities and accidents from happening at all.

This occupational safety infographic shows which occupations and the number of fatalities, many may be surprised by the numbers.

• Construction and Services account for the highest numbers of fatal work related injuries totaling 97. • Farming and Agriculture makeup 34 fatal injuries while workers in Water, Energy, Waste and Recycling occupations only had 13 at work fatal incidents. • The North West and Yorkshire regions in the United Kingdom have the highest rate work related deaths. • The East region, London, and Scotland also represent higher numbers of fatal work accidents in the regions. • The South West and North East regions have the fewest fatalities.

Though the workforce population in Great Britain is three times larger than 50 years ago, it’s been shown there has been a significant reduction in work related accidents resulting in deaths. Safer work conditions and regulations can be attributed to the lower numbers. Work related accidents and deaths may seem inevitable given the type of occupation, however, by employers taking initiative and putting in place safety procedures and updating technology possibly someday accidents causing fatalities at work may disappear altogether.


Occupational Safety Infographic: Fatal Work Related Injuries -
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