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August 31, 2017

Safe Workplace Infographic: Designing and Implementing a workplace Safety Program

A well-thought out and implemented workplace safety training program has benefits far beyond a reduction in workplace injuries. With fewer injuries comes fewer worker’s compensation claims, meaning less paperwork and lower insurance premiums. Worker morale improves in a safe environment and workplace productive increases.

These are all excellent reasons for establishing your own training program, even without the many legal reasons for doing so. Building a program from scratch, however, can seem overwhelming. While it requires a significant time commitment, creating a safety training program follows the same simple steps whether your work environment is a small manufacturing plant, a software developing company, or a large construction site.

The following infographic shows a six-step process in designing and implementing a workplace safety program. Although safety training is an important facet of workplace safety, it doesn’t cover all the bases in securing workplace safety at your facility. It is actually part of a bigger picture safety culture, in which employees adhere to, and respect safety procedures (and actively incorporate safety into their job tasks). Feel free to use the following infographic to help secure safety in your workplace. Below the infographic is a downloadable PDF version if you’d like to print it out. Feel free to share this infographic to help further expand the message of safety!

workplace safety program

Securing a safer workplace is no easy feat, but it has immense benefits if you extend the effort. Here is a sampling of the ways you can create and implement a safer workplace. To download the PDF, click here.

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