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November 18, 2013

Fall Protection Training Powerpoints

Fall Protection Training by OTIEC

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    This training powerpoint presentation was created by OSHA Training Institute Education Centers ( OTIEC ). Introduction as well as the course objectives are clearly laid out, so the trainee knows what is to be covered. It covers common fall hazards, fall hazard controls and hazard recognition. A knowledge check was provided at the end of the presentation.

Fall Protection and Construction Safety by KCA

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    This training powerpoint was created by Keystone Contractors Association. It provides a learning objective at the beginning of the presentation so the viewer will know what they will learn at the end of the training. It covers statistics on fall fatalities and discusses how to be safe while working off the ground.

Fall Protection by CPWR

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    Download Atlantic Training’s collection of safety training PowerPoints from around the web to train your team on important EHS Safety topics today.

Fall Protection for Construction Training by Georgia Tech

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Georgia Tech

    This fall protection for construction training powerpoint was created by Georgia Tech. It uses statistics to illustrate the hazards of fall protection. It also cover ways on how to prevent fall protection hazards.

When working at heights, it’s imperative that workers are using proper fall protection as a safety net in case of a fall. Falls, in fact, are one of Construction’s “Fatal Four” which as defined by OSHA are the top four causes of injury and death in construction.

These fall protection training PowerPoints will help educate your team on the importance of fall protection, as well as how to wear it and use fall protection properly.

DISCLAIMER: All free PowerPoints provided on this website have been created by third parties. The copyright owners of these powerpoint presentations have no affiliation with Atlantic Training. If you wish to have an item removed or have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at

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