OSHA Safety Checklist

osha safety checklist

osha safety checklist
osha safety checklist

OSHA Safety Checklist in PDF and DOC Formats  | 
Created by: PIA MidAmerica

Topics Covered in this PDF Checklist:

  • Emergency preparedness and action
  • Checking floor surfaces condition
  • Prevention of workplace violence
  • Fire prevention and ladder safety
  • Electrical and chemical safety
  • Taking care and proper use of machines and PPE

Number of Checklist Tasks: 64
Created by: PIA MidAmerica

Safety Checklist by NYSIF

Number of Checklist Tasks: 52
Created by: NYSIF

OSHA Checklist for General Industry

This was created by South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to help employers and employees comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This serves as a guide to be used to assist employers in hazard identification and to determine if an area of safety concern exists.

Cultivate a Safe Agricultural Workplace

Oregon OSHA has produced this to help employers and employees check the safety in their workplace. They believe that like cultivating a crop, cultivating a safe workplace requires knowledge and commitment. It is recommended to choose a topic herein that apply to your workplace to serve as your guide in maintaining a safer workplace.