electrical safety checklist
electrical safety checklist electrical safety checklist electrical safety checklist electrical safety checklist

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Electrical Safety Checklist in PDF and DOC Formats  |  Created by: Environmental Assistance Office

Topics Covered in this PDF Checklist:

  • Proper installation, housekeeping and maintenance
  • Checking the overcurrent devices and proper grounding of circuits
  • Proper use of portable tools and temporary wiring
  • Proper use of flexible cords
  • Proper use of lightings, appliances, and wirings
Number of Checklist Tasks: 41 Created by: Environmental Assistance Office  

Electrical Safety Training DVD

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  • Training Certificates
  • Attendance Forms
  • Employee Quiz
Electrical Safety Training Video

Other Electrical Safety Checklists

Electrical Safety - Hazard Checklist and Test Record by Safework SA

Number of Checklist Tasks: 20 Created by: Safework SA

Electrical Safety Checklist by DETE Education

Year Created: 2008 Number of Checklist Tasks: 26 Created by: DETE Education

Electrical Safety Checklist

The Amerwest Corporation produced a that covers the hazards of electricity and its safety procedures. The objectives of this is to define electrical safety procedures, identify the hazards of electricity and how to minimize it, define what GFCI is, proper use of electrical equipment, and to give a deeper understanding of electricity and its associated terminology. It also covers electrical safety checklist.

Electrical Safety for Electrical Workers Standard

Queensland Nickel has produced electrical safety for electrical workers standard to provide safety requirements for performing electrical works. This standard provides guidance on electrical hazards, importance and responsibility of safety observer, proper handling of cables, sources of electric shock and how it can be prevented.

Electrical Safety Requirements

The U.S. Department of the Interior has created a document which lists electrical safety requirements. It covers the safety requirements needed before performing electrical work, working in restricted areas, working on electrical equipments and systems, personal protective grounding, temporary wiring, disconnect and overcurrent protection, ground fault protection and other safety requirements to give more knowledge on safely handling electrical works.