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Construction safety checklists Construction safety checklists Construction safety checklists Construction safety checklists

Safety Orientation in Construction Environments DVD

  Construction Safety Training Video
Construction Safety Checklist in PDF and DOC Formats  |  Created by: American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Topics Covered in this PDF Checklist:

  • Where and when to use PPE
  • Checking the availability of emergency items such as first aid kit
  • Electrical safety, uses of cords and electrical panels
  • Storage of hazardous and flammable liquids
  • Fall protection and the use of ladders
  • Use of machinery and equipments
  • Checking the work area, stair rails, scaffolding, cranes and more
Number of Checklist Tasks: 69 Created by: American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)  

Safety Orientation in Construction Environments DVD Kit

  • 3 Training DVD
  • 30 Booklets
  • Employee Quiz
  • Training Certificate
  • Attendance Forms
  • Leaders Guide
Construction Safety Training Video

Other Construction Safety Checklists

Construction Safety Inspection Checklist by Texas Department of Insurance

Year Created: 2007 Number of Checklist Tasks: 270 Created by: Texas Department of Insurance

Construction Plant & Equipment Hire Yards Checklist by Worksafe Victoria

Year Created: 2011 Number of Checklist Tasks: 80 Created by: Worksafe Victoria

Construction Health and Safety Checklist by University of Texas

Number of Checklist Tasks: 131 Created by: University of Texas

OSHA Checklist for the Construction Industry

This was created by South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health. The checklist was made to serve as a guide for the Occupational Safety and Health compliance of both employers and employees. It covers many factors to be considered within a construction site such as administrative requirements, general safety & health, electrical, fall protection, fire prevention, use of equipments and a lot more.

The Construction Industry in the Twenty First Century

The International Labour Organization has created a about the construction industry in the twenty first century which talks about its image, employment prospects and skills requirements. The report was made to look deeper at the construction employment worldwide, characteristics of the construction workforce, changes that have taken place in the past 30 years, factors behind the changes and their impact upon the structure of the industry.

Industry Culture: A Need for Change

A was made by CRC Construction Innovation about how culture and technology is affecting the construction industry. Aims and objectives of the research is to examine and deeply understand the levels and characteristics of culture, its organisations, and its teams and participants. It examines both the cultural and technological driven change and at the end of the report provided recommendations in relation to implementing change, as well as cultural and technical trends.