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4th of July Safety Tips- Because fireworks, booze and heat.

Jun 29, 2017
The Red Cross has had their fourth of July safety tips for quite some time, and luckily they resurface at about this time each year. We all know they’re necessary- because like the title of this article suggests, fireworks, booze, and heat along with water sports, outdoor toys, etc. are typically all involved in the celebration. Ah, America, amirite? So, read these and remember them even if

Fire Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

Dec 29, 2015
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that fire departments respond to more than 7,000 fires in eating and drinking establishments in the U.S each year.  Of these, more than half (57%) originate in the kitchen, ignited by cooking equipment.  These fires cause hundreds of injuries and multiple deaths, and lead to an average of $246 million in direct property damage per year.  T

Pet Safety Infographic: Pet Fire Safety

Sep 12, 2012
Related Training DVDs Fire Extinguishers by Atlantic Training Fire Safety by JJ Keller Fire Extinguishers by Coastal Training / DuPont Fire Safety by Coastal Training / DuPont Fire Prevention by Atlantic Training The devastating dangers of fire to pet safety can be averted by being prepared, having knowledge of the truth about fire and creating a protection plan for pe

Fire Safety Training for the Office

May 18, 2010
Have you imagined what you would do if there was fire at your business? Is your staff capable of taking actions to control fire from spreading and/or save lives? As a business owner you must think about this very real issue seriously. Its best to arrange fire awareness training and fire safety training for your employees to prevent loss of  life and your business. It doesn’t mean that the emplo