Working with Aerial Lifts Safely

This 1 minute safety training video covers: How to safely work within the vicinity of a lift, what are the possible hazards when working around the lifts, how important is a ppe around working lifts, how to be aware of a lift’s blind spot, importance of following lift’s safe driving procedures, how to avoid reckless driving.

Video Transcript

Before worker is authorized to use a lift they must receive a training from a qualified person because aerial lift designs are vary. This training covers the operations, safety features and limitation of a specific model the worker will be using. Before climbing up onto a lift several factors must be taken into a consideration to ensure safe operation. Every aerial lift requires the use of fall protection the type you will need depends on a lift you are using. When using most standard type of aerial lift such as bucket trucks and boom lifts a personal fall restrain system is required this consists of body belt or harness and a two foot lanyard. This prevent a fall from occurring by keeping the person inside of the bucket.