Working Safely on a Loading Dock

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How to identify potential hazards on a loading dock, loading dock safety guidelines, what is the use of a dock plate, how to properly secure a dock plate, what is a trailer creep, how to prevent a truck moving away from the dock.

Video Transcript

Secure the dock plates and make sure the plates can safely support the load. After the loading dock is secured drive on it slowly and carefully, never back a forklift up to the edge of the loading dock or you could accidentally drive off. Make sure they are easy to see visual warnings to where the dock edges are so it’s not to get too close. You can prevent delivery trucks from driving away while a forklift is loading or unloading by chucking the trailer’s wheel and removing the key from the ignition. Some loading dock facilities have automatic restrain devices that allow for the connection of the delivery truck to the loading dock.