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Why Welding Light Dangerous

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What are the risks of infrared radiation, what kind of light does welding produce, how to prevent eye injuries when welding, what is welder’s flash, how to protect your eyes from injuries when welding, what are the proper welding gear, what is arc welding, who are affected by welding hazardous light, why welding screen is important. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 14 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

More than half a million U.S. workers in various industries perform welding, cutting, brazing and soldering work as part of their jobs every day. In a year’s time, these tasks will kill more than fifty of them. Thousands more will be injured. Some of their workplaces will have been damaged by fires and explosions as well.

Atlantic Training’s "Welding Safety" training program discusses the hazards that are associated with welding and cutting tasks and explains the equipment and safe practices employees can use to avoid them.

Welding Safety Training DVD Covers:

Video Transcript

It is important to wear safety glasses with the welding helmet especially if flying debris is present. The color of lenses or filter plates use for eye and skin protection depends on the work you’re doing and the process use unless you wear the right shade number your eyes and skin could be burn or you could lose your sight. Remember wear your eye, face and head protection every time you do hot work. Inspect it for damage and clean it before each use.