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Accident Investigation

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What is an accident investigation, how to prevent workplace accidents, what are the causes of workplace accidents, what is the importance of accident investigation. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 13 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

When accidents happen, it’s important to know why. Even when the reason seems obvious, the real cause may be more complicated. That’s where accident investigation comes in. It examines the incident systematically to determine its true root causes. This information can then be used to update policies, procedures or equipment to help make sure a similar accident doesn’t occur in the future.

Atlantic Training’s Accident Investigation training program provides employees with the information that they need to understand the goals of an accident investigation, the process itself, and how they can participate in the process to help make their workplace safer. And these updated versions of the products include all-new visuals and a fresh look and feel… to engage trainees more effectively and promote better learning.

Topics covered include:

Video Transcript

Why should you even take time to investigate an incident, after all your time is money and finding out the fact of an accident certainly takes time. But wen your priority is people, the reason for investigating is that you care about them and it is not just accepted for anyone to be hurt you do it because you care. The purpose of incident investigation is not to find out whose to blame, it is to discover factors that contributed to the incident and to ensure that they are corrected. If you don’t address all of the factors then the time you save by not being thorough in your investigation will be stand later dealing with another similar incident and at the risks of another person’s valuable life.