What are the Safety Tips When Working With Supported Scaffoldings

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What is a supported scaffold, what are the use of scaffoldings, what are the rigid support of scaffolds, what are the importance of scaffolds in the construction process, how to properly stabilized supported scaffolds.

Video Transcript

Anytime you elevate the work surface you increase the potential of someone falling or being struck by falling object. Scaffolds poles, legs, post, frames and uprights should also be braced to prevent swinging. Public access to all construction sites should be controlled through gates, private roads or security personnel. Appropriate personal protective equipment shall be worn by all workers at all times. However, additional safeguards maybe imposed with suspension scaffolds. A full body harness with lanyard anchored to a supporting structure other than the scaffold is required. Most scaffolds accidents are cause by improper components use or poor maintenance, so keeping your scaffold in working condition is a priority.