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What Are The Results of Electrical Hazards

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What are the causes of electrical hazards, how to exercise caution when selecting electrical equipment, how to look out for potential electrical danger, how to properly handle electrical hazards, what to do if you encounter electrical problems, what are the objects that conduct electricity, other factors that can cause a machine to overheat, what is the last line of defense when you’re working around electricity, what is the proper PPE to wear.

Video Transcript

Two ways to protect yourself from electrical hazards are by keeping your environment safe and using safe work practices. Every hazard free workplace must be kept clean an orderly; this day to day activity called housekeeping is important responsibility of every worker. Keep you floor work area dry, any moisture including wet clothes and tools may provide a conductive path resulting in deadly shock. Wear the right clothes for the job. Before starting work take off all jewelries, rings and metal wrist watches. Keeping a safe work environment and using safe work procedures helps you to avoid shock hazard.