What are the Procedures of Root Cause Analysis

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What are the four factors that prevent accidents, what is the key element in preventing workplace accidents, policies and procedures in preventing accidents, what is the result faulty or misuse equipment, how to minimize miscommunication.

Video Transcript

Share what you’ve learned broadly with your organization, this help improves the safety of every employee. After an accident occurs there are top priorities, making sure anyone who’s injured or ill receives medical attention and ensuring that no one else is in any immediate danger. After this, as soon as possible accident investigation should take place, so that evidence that’s vulnerable to being loss can be preserve and study for clues and causes of the accident. The purpose of an accident investigation is not to assign blame but to figure out where hazardous conditions exists so that they can be eliminated. The evidences accumulated in an accident investigation can be divided into three categories; Physical evidence at the scene of the accident, interviews with the victim and witnesses and records and files.