What are the Precautions When Exposed to a Hazardous Chemicals

This 3 minute safety training video covers: What are the routes of entry, what are the first aid procedures when exposed to hazardous chemicals, what is the dose and duration of a hazardous chemical, what are the effects of short and long term exposure of hazardous materials, how much of any substance you can be exposed to safely, what is threshold limit value (TLV), when to seek for medical attention.

Video Transcript

Precautionary statements describes the recommended measure that should be taken to minimize or prevent adverse effect from hazardous chemicals. In other words, the amount to a briefly would have list of best work practices such as do not allow contact with air, avoid breathing fumes, keep in original container and brush off loose particles from skin. Precautionary statements cover four areas prevention, response in case of accident spillage or exposure, storage and disposal.