What are the Other Fire Potential Hazards

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How to prevent static charges, what is the importance of using grounding wires, what are the proper forklift and powered equipment to use around flammable materials, what equipment is safe to use in flammable environments.

Video Transcript

Make sure electrical motors are in good working order and that they’re clean. Dust and oily build ups is a perfect environment for a fire to start, especially if a motor overheat, don’t let it happen. Never install a fuse that’s rated higher than the circuit specifies overheating and fire can result. No more than one heat producing appliance should be plug in to an outlet that means the coffee maker and the microwave in the break room should be plug in to different wall outlets not right next to each other. Whenever you’re around electrical equipment be aware of unusual smells like burning plastic or wires this can be an early warning signs that a fire is about to occur. Take the equipment out of service unplug it if it’s safe to do so and investigate the problem.