What are the Major Causes of Industrial Fires

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: Responsibilities of persons assigned fire watch duties, how to prevent industrial fires, how to avoid electrical circuits overload, how to prevent equipment from overheating, what to do if an equipment overheats, safety precautions when smoking at work.

Video Transcript

Whether your work on plant facilities or an office you work with flammable materials, remember all a fire needs is oxygen, a fuel source and a way to ignite heat or spark. The first place to combat a possible fire is in your work space. Obey warning signs and smoke only in designated areas, make sure to put out your cigarettes and deposit it in proper receptacle like an ash tray. A burning cigarette butt carelessly toss into a trashcan has been the cause of many fires. If you work with oily rugs or other combustible materials keep them in a covered metal container far away from any possible ignition source.