What are the Importance of Reporting Accidents and Near Misses

This 1 minute safety training video covers: Why it is better to learn from near misses than to an accident, what is near miss, what are the first aid techniques when an accident happens, why it is important to notify your supervisor when an accident occur, what are the safety things to do after an accident, what is the use of safety tapes.

Video Transcript

All accidents need to be investigated. Most incidents will have more than one cause, it is important to not only identify the direct causes but also the less obvious root causes. The information gathered in an investigation is use to determine what happened, why it happened and implement effective counter measures. This information is also use to analyze trends that identifies system failure for future reference. One of the key is to conducting an effective investigation is being familiar with your organizations investigation procedures and being prepared if an accident does occur. Documentation can help provide previous history it will not tell you what happened but it can provide valuable insights into why incident occur.