What are the Heat-Related Illnesses

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What is heat cramp, what are the causes of heat cramps, what are the symptoms of heat cramps, what are the symptoms of heat exhaustion, how to treat heat exhaustion, what is the most severe form of heat illness, what is the symptoms of heat stroke, how to properly treat heat stroke.

Video Transcript

Heat cramps are painful spasms of the muscles that occur among those who sweat profusely in heat, drink large quantities of water but do not adequately replace body’s salt loss. Shortly thereafter, the low salt level in the muscle causes painful cramps, the cramps often occur in the muscles principally used during work arms, legs and abdomen. Sometimes severe abdominal heat cramps are mistaken for appendicitis. Heat exhaustion includes several clinical disorders having symptoms which may resemble the early symptom of heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is cause by the loss of large amount of fluid by sweating sometimes with excessive loss of salt. A worker suffering from heat exhaustion still sweat but experiencing extreme weakness or fatigue, dizziness, nausea or headache, in more serious cases the victim may vomit or lose consciousness. Heat stroke is a medical emergency, it occurs when the body’s thermal regulation fails and sweating become inadequate.