What are the Fundamentals of Warehouse Safety

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: What is the right PPE to wear in the warehouse, what are the warehouse safety precautions, the danger of unclean workplace environment, how to maintain warehouse good housekeeping, dealing with hazardous materials in warehouse.

Video Transcript

The personal protective equipment needed depends on hazards encountered base on the assessment of the hazards in the area where you will be working. Your employer will select the appropriate ppe and train you of proper use. Be sure you always wear your head protection such as the hard hat. Wear safety glasses which side shields. Using box cutters or utility knifes to open packaging can result in cut fingers, hands or forearms, make sure to wear cut resistant gloves on a hand that is not holding the cutting tool. Don’t forget about feet, spilled oil or chemicals can causes slip, running into stray pallets, warehouse debris and equipment can injure feet.