What are the Elements of an Effective I2P2

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: What are the management responsibilities with regards to workplace safety, who are involved in implementation of I2P2, what are the safe work procedures that are developed to reduce hazards, what is the key to make your workplace safer.

Video Transcript

In a workplace, everyone has different roles and responsibilities, knowing your role will make you an effective part of the safety team. Some responsibilities of supervisors or team leaders, making sure employees are properly trained and qualified for the job their doing. Establishing correct work practices, this may include developing, revising and updating your facility standard operating procedures or SOP. Making sure proper tools and equipment are available to employees. Surveying the job site to identify and eliminate safety hazards as much as possible. Evaluating and addressing employee awareness of hazards and safety attitudes. Using proper coaching and counseling techniques to correct unsafe behavior and reward safe behavior.