What are the Effects of Exposure to Lead

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: What is the standard provided by OSHA regarding lead exposure in construction environments, what makes lead poisonous, how do workers take lead into their bodies, how the standard applies to you and your company, what are the effects of lead overexposure, what are the common symptoms of long term lead exposure, what is the major health effects of acute overexposure, what are the symptoms of acute overexposure.

Video Transcript

One's lead is ingested nor inhaled, it enters the bloodstream a small that is filtered out and excreted but most of it remains building up slowly in blood, tissue, organs and in long bones like arms, legs and wrists. There are certain rare cases when massive exposure leads to extreme reactions such as seizures, coma and even death. Most commonly blood poisoning occurs as result of chronic exposure to lower doses. During the exposure process, disruption of blood supply resulting in anemia, weakness, color and fatigue can occur since the blood is unable to carry sufficient oxygen. The most severe form of lead poisoning result to damage to central nervous system and the brain it may also be extensive kidney damage or even death. Another very serious effect chronic over exposure to lead is that impairs reproductive system of both men and women.