What are the Different Lockout/Tagout Situations

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: What are the steps when an equipment needs to be locked out, how to properly dissipate any residual energy in a machine, what are the proper procedures when locking and tagging out a machine, what are the special and other situations in lockout/tagout procedures. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 21 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

lockout tagout training program

Atlantic Training's LockOut TagOut Training DVD program uses environments familiar to employees working with both electric and hydraulic/pneumatic equipment and point out specifically where Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures should be applied.

Topics covered in these products include:

LockOut TagOut Training DVD Covers:


Video Transcript

In reality, there are several people need to lock out a piece of equipment. Your employer has a written procedure detailing how to do it. Generally, in multiple lockouts OSHA allows one authorized person to lockout each energy source. There may be times that the entire complex or multiple pieces of equipment need to be lockout by the entire crew of workers. Your company has a written procedures describing how to accomplish this. Controlling hazardous energy is only safe before and after the locks and tags were attached. Stored residual energy sources must be dissipated or restrained, this may be down by grounding, repositioning, blocking or other methods.