What are the Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

This 1 minute safety training video covers: How dangerous an electricity is, what is a faulty wiring, what are the causes of electrical problems, what are some of the safety precautions to avoid electrical problems, what are the limitations of extension cord, what are the some accreditation groups that prohibits the use of extension cords.

Video Transcript

Electrical shocks occurs without warning and it’s nearly always the result is human error. Whenever a part of your body accidentally creates a path or electricity you become part of a new electrical circuit. This passage of current through your body is felt as an electrical shock. Even if the shock isn’t severe enough to cause direct injury the involuntary reflex action of your muscles may cause you to fall and suffer serious injury. Every hazard free workplace must be kept clean and orderly. When a normal flow of current is obstructed by a broken wire or faulty connections heat can build up, fire may result. Replace any cords or plugs in your work area that appear damage with a heat when appliance is use. Give adapters and many extension cords the heave-ho, do not use this octopus connection.