Ways to Avoid Being Accused of Sexual Harassment

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What are some of the gestures or actions that can lead to harassment, what is the importance of avoiding unnecessary physical contact with other employees, what are the problems when employees are dating, why many employers discourage or even forbid their employees from dating co-workers.

Video Transcript

In case of sexual harassment it is the perception of the victim or the accuser that takes precedent in the court of law over the intention of the person accused. The courts have to determine if the perception of the victim are reasonable. This is often referred to us as reasonable woman or reasonable person standard, even when an employee or supervisors intentions are totally innocent the possibility exists that his or her action could be reasonably perceived to sexual harassment. Hostile environment sexual harassment is any sexually oriented and unwelcomed behavior that causes psychological discomforts and interferes with the employee’s ability to carry out his or her job responsibilities.