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Thinking Positive

This 2 minute safety training video covers: How negative attitudes magnify stress, how stress affects attitudes & behaviors, how to adopt a positive attitude, and how to stay organized. Click here to watch the 15 minute full length version.

Atlantic Training’s Workplace Stress video/DVD training program helps employees identify potentially stressful situations and learn how to cope with them. Areas covered in the program include:

Video Transcript

Attitude has a lot to do with how much we feel stressed. You need to beware of developing negative attitudes about anything that you’re involved in. Negative attitudes just magnify stress.Instead, strive to adopt a positive attitude and be optimistic about your life.Start empowering yourself by thinking,"I can do it."You need to be organized about how you approach your tasks as well.Draw up a checklist, with priorities, and take care of them one task at a time.