The Process of Emergency Action Drills

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: Different ways to test the effectiveness of an emergency plan, what team should be informed of any physical changes in a department, how to maintain and execute effective emergency plan, why crisis management team periodically test emergency plan, what is the importance of drills or practices in an emergency, who should participate in the emergency drills, what is the best way to judge your combat readiness, why reporters are invited to an emergency exercise.

Video Transcript

In an emergency, your training and drilling really kick in. Practice helps prevent panic and confusion as what you drills comes out in calm action. Some facilities take mock disaster or exercises. These provides emergency leaders or team members, employees and even outside responders such as fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency and medical hazmat teams with onsite experience. In fact, one’s the drill is complete the plan may reflect lessons learned and be more likely to succeed when is not just a drill. Take part in practice sessions whenever possible. Take your training seriously, in a real emergency most facilities need many people trained to do the same job. This cover absences, fatalities and serious injuries and it a lot like redundant safety system use to protect you during day to day tasks.