The Importance of I2P2 Training and Education

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How to understand your role in I2P2, what covers injury and illness prevention program training, who should receive I2P2 training, what is the purpose of I2P2 training, how to implement effective education and training.

Video Transcript

Most accidents happen to us because we didn’t see them coming, whether stumbling your toe on a table leg or electrocuting yourself from a live power line. The fact is, that if you have recognized the hazard in advance the accident probably would have been avoided. Almost everyone faces on the job hazards but those dangers are multiplied for people like you to work around potential hazards. The goal of this training session is to give you the tools to keep yourself and your co-workers safe and effective on the job. Recognizing unsafe conditions and taking the proper step to protect yourself and your crew is key to on the job safety.