The Different Types Of Walkways And Floors

This 3 minute safety training video covers: How to know if the walking surface is safe, how to prevent potential fall hazards, what is the right measure of a guard rail, what is the use of a guard rail, how toeboards prevent secondary injuries, how to work on catwalks and other open platforms safely, when to install safety railings.

Video Transcript

One of the most common walking and working surfaces is the ramp, it can be found in almost any work site and it is use in many different ways. Because it is so common it is often taken for granted that it’s part of the floor or work area, but a ramp should be treated as a separate walking and working surface. You should be aware of the possibility of slips no matter where you work, how slippery a surface is depends of course of what it’s made of, some surfaces are much more slippery than others. Sometimes wet surfaces cannot be avoided, use floor mats to help remove the wetness from shoes.