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Safe Lifting Techniques in the Workplace

This 4 minutes safety training video covers: Appropriate clothing and footwear when lifting objects, proper inspection of the object before lifting, how to properly pick up a load of liquid, when to use a dolly or other type of cart when lifting, how to safely carry granule material in a bag. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 18 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Atlantic Training’s Safe Lifting Training DVD program provide the information employees need to protect their backs when they are lifting and carrying. Topics covered in these products include:

Safe Lifting Training DVD Covers:

Video Transcript

As you carry the load be careful to watch where you are going. Keep your back in natural position and avoid awkward motions. Reverse the procedure to put down the item you lifted, get in position bend your knees with your legs and not your back and be carefully let go of the load making sure you do not twist. This lifting techniques apply to all of us, whether we work in manufacturing plant, in an office or in some other environment. Choosing the right footwear can help your back. Low heel comfortable shoes are the best, you want to avoid high heels which can throw you off balance and strain your lower back. Foot pain from shoes that fit poorly can cause back pain, that’s because you may alter your walk, causing your muscles to strain and altering your natural alignment. Why not take advantage of the machines designed to make your job easier to take a load out of your back. Forklifts allow to lift more load than you could with your body alone. Hand trucks and push carts also allow you to move heavy objects without straining your back.