Reporting And Recording Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What is the sole intent of the OSHA recordkeeping rule, what does the term work-related mean, when is a medical problem work-related, what are the work-related injuries and illnesses, what are the non-work-related injuries and illnesses.

Video Transcript

You must record all fatalities, injuries and illnesses that are work-related and are new cases and admit one or more the general recording criteria. First let’s talk about what’s considered work-related, an injury or illness is work-related if it abound to or exposure to a work environment causes or contributes to the condition or significantly aggravate to a pre-existing condition. OSHA defines the work environment as an establishment or other location when one or more employees are working or any other place employees assigned to be. These includes physical location, equipment and materials employees use to do their jobs, examples include an employee slipping while unloading a delivery at the loading dock or an employee injured while demonstrating equipment at the trade show.