Proper Hygiene Practices and Facilities in Preventing Lead Exposure

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What is the importance of hygiene facilities and practices, what are the proper way in removing contaminated clothing, what are the appropriate protective clothings that the employers should provide, what are the safe practices when exposed to lead, what are the precautionary measures when entering eating areas, what is the alternative room if there’s no available changing room on construction site, how to prevent exposure to lead, how important is washing hands and face when you was exposed to lead.

Video Transcript

To help protect you from lead exposure your employer provides hygiene facilities for eating, washing, and changing your clothes. Never store, consume or use food items, beverages, tobacco or cosmetic products in any area or lead dusts or fumes that may contaminate them. Changing out of lead contaminated work clothes not only protects you both your friends and family as well. If possible exposure to lead is part of your day’s work you’ll be given the appropriate personal protective equipment or ppe such as coveralls or similar full body work clothing, gloves and or head gear. Use the designated change area to prevent cross contamination, change areas have two separate parts a clean change area with storage for your street clothes and another area for removing and storing lead contaminated gear. Never remove lead from protective clothing by blowing, shaking or any other means that disperses lead into the air.