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Power Tool Care and Maintenance

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: How often tools should be inspected, how to maintain tools, how to prevent tools from being damage, what is the proper way of cleaning your tools, what to look for when inspecting tools, how to prevent yourself from injuries, how to properly store your tools when not in use. Click here to watch the 18 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Hand and power tools allow construction workers to perform tasks that they could never do without them. But tools can also be dangerous. Injuries involving hand and power tools send almost half a million people to the emergency room every year and cause a significant number of fatalities as well.

Atlantic’s training products on "Hand and Power Tool Safety in Construction Environments" discuss hand and power tool hazards, and show employees the equipment and safe practices they can use to prevent injuries on a job site.

All of the products... the new "Micro-Learning" and full-length online courses as well as the DVDs and interactive CD courses... discuss topics that are integral to employees" understanding of these issues.

Topics covered in these products include:

Video Transcript

Inspect your tools every time you use them. Things to look for include: racked or bent pieces, loose or missing parts, and rust or corrosion. The handles on hand tools, take a lot of abuse, make sure that they aren’t loose, cracked or splintered. You don’t want a tool to "lose its head" and hit someone. Tools that you strike must be in good condition too. For instance, a cold chisel with a "mushroomed" head could cause eye injuries from pieces of metal flying off each time it’s struck. To prevent this, keep the heads on these chisels ground down. Most tool accidents involve cutting tools. Make sure that you sharpen and replace blades often, so they cut with minimal effort. If you try to cut something with a dull tool, you are likely to slip and cut yourself instead.