Other Workplace Potential Hazardous Chemicals

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What are the other hazardous chemicals we need to be aware of, what are the effects of carcinogen in our body, what carcinogen can be found in some products, how dangerous is a radiation, what are the different forms of radiation, how to work safely around radiation hazards.

Video Transcript

A hazardous substance is any substance that can harm your health or your safety or causes significant residue in the environment. Hazardous substances includes chemicals, biological agents and organisms, hazardous wastes and any substance listed as a hazardous materials. Risks cause by hazardous substances generally fall into these one of four categories. Some substances fall into one or more categories and that cause more than one risk. Flammable materials catch fires and burn easily. It is important to know that substances such as low flash point liquids and flammable solids can cause fire if they are not stored and handled properly.