Other Sources of Specific Related Hazard Informations

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What are the other type of markings, what is the use of shipping papers, what is the most important thing that a shipping paper is required to lists, when to release a package of hazardous materials, what is DOT emergency response guide book.

Video Transcript

Check the manifest, emergency response guide book and material safety data sheet (M.S.D.S) read them and know what it say and need. Shipping papers including manifest or bills of lading ensure that the loads are properly identified. Be sure the load you are carrying matches the manifest, type and quantity. If a route is designated be sure you don’t deviate, if conditions require deviation notify the dispatcher immediately. Another important item to be listed on shipping papers is an emergency response contact numbers. If you have questions about your manifest and your load talk to your shipper or your supervisor, don’t guess discover all details about your load.