Office Materials Handling And Storage

This 2 minute safety training video covers: How to lift of heavy object safely, how to store office materials safely, what is the result of overloaded shelf, important consideration when you work with file cabinets.

Video Transcript

Lifting properly protects your back muscles from stress and injuries. To lift properly you should stand close to the load one foot sligthy ahead to the other. Keep both feet flat and knees bend sligthly. Hips bend a little and hold spine in neutral, keep the load close to the body. Use feet and legs to turn instead of twisting your back. To set a load down, reverse the procedure and moves in one slow movement. Proper lifting is crucial to protecting your back but so is knowing when to lift. Don't lift a load that is too heavy get someone to help you. Close file doors and desk pull outs when you are not using them, most tip overs occur when more than one file door is pulled out at the same time.