How To Work Safely With Stairs And Fixed Ladders

This 3 minute safety training video covers: How stairway falls happen, what are some of the requirements of stairs that’ll minimize hazards, what is the importance of hand rails, what is the standard measurement of a railing, what are the safety requirements of a heavy duty permanent stairway, when to report stairway irregularities, what is a fixed ladder, how to work safely with fixed ladders, what is the ladder safety device.

Video Transcript

A fixed ladder is permanently attached to a structure, building or equipment. This type of ladder must be strong enough to support at least 2 loads of 350 lbs on any two consecutive attachments. It should be strong enough for various weather conditions rigging and impact loads. The rungs are to be parallel level and uniformly space when the ladder is in place. For example, the distance between each rung or step is 12 inches or less and rung should not be more than 16 inches long. When a fixed ladder is longer than 20 feet it is to be equipped with various safety devices such as cages. Another type of fixed ladder is an individual rung ladder, each rung is individually attached to the structure the lack of side rails make this a very dangerous ladder to climb.