How to Set Up Aerial Lifts Correctly

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What is the stabilize position for a lift, the importance of operator’s manual, what is the use of labels, warnings and signs, how to properly restrict access in a working area, proper usage of a fall protection equipment, what are the things to avoid when working with lifts, what are the safe procedures when working with aerial lifts, what is the vertical limit of a lift, what is the work of a spotter.

Video Transcript

Never operate a lift on a grade that exceeds the manufacturer’s rating, this destabilizes the machine often resulting to tip over. If the lift has outriggers use them as required by the manufacturer. Make sure the outrigger floats are place on a surface that has enough strength to support them, to disperse the pressure over the larger surface area box can be use underneath the floats. A good safety practice however, is to have a person stationed on the ground who’s able to get aid in an event of an emergency. To provide the safe base the surface that the lift will setup must be able to adequately support the combined weight of the equipment, workers and any other tools or materials.