How to Safely Refuel a Propane Forklift

This 1 minute safety training video covers: Proper forklift refuelling procedures, how to change the propane cylinder on a forklift, safe refuelling areas, correct positioning of the cylinder, proper gloves to wear when changing cylinders,how to safely handle a fuel system leakage and proper refuelling procedure to avoid spilling.

Video Transcript

The most common forklifts found in workplaces are internal combustion or electric. Internal combustion forklifts use a form of gas or diesel as fuel. Refueling this forklift are not difficult but there are some hazards you are not aware of. LPG is safe to use when handled properly but is very dangerous if not. LPG is extremely flamable meaning it catches fire very easily. The vapor from LPG is also heavier than air so it will settle in low lying areas. These vapors can collect if the area isn't ventilated and can ignite if exposed to a heat source. Another hazard of LPG is that it is extremely cold when exposed to air. So cold that you can get frost bite if the liquid gets into your skin. To handle LPG safely make sure you don't refuel in confined areas where vapors can be trapped and collect. Never leave LPG forklifts near a heat source. Lastly, if you are parking LPG forklifts for a long time, make sure to turn the service valve off.