How To Report Workplace Medical Problems

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What are some of the guidelines to follow when reporting medical ailments, how to properly gather facts or informations, what is the aim of reporting workplace incidents.

Video Transcript

Medical treatment beyond first aid means managing and caring for a patient to combat disease or a disorder. Medical treatment does not include visits to a doctor solely for observation or counseling, diagnostic procedures including administering prescription medications use solely for diagnostics purposes or any procedure called first aid. OSHA carefully defines first aid so injuries or illnesses of any of these should not be recorded; non-prescription medication and non-prescription strength, cleaning, flashing or soaking surface wounds, wound coverings, butterfly bandages, band aids, gauge pads and sterile strips. Significant injuries or illnesses are work-related cases diagnosed by a physician or other healthcare licensed professional and therefore must be recorded even if they don’t result in one of the other general recording criteria.